When you make a list of the top septuagenarian iconic actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins has to rank very near the top. His work in films like Magic, The Bounty, Howard's End and, of course, The Silence of the Lambs has shown his tremendous depth of talent and won him many awards, including a best actor Oscar for playing the suave, sophisticated sociopath Hannibal Lector.

Lately though, his work has seemed -- how should I put it -- uninspired. It's as if he feels he's proven all he needs to prove and doesn't care to work so hard anymore. Or maybe its just his choice of films lately (like Hannibal and the equally forgettable Bad CompanyandAlexander) that makes me think Hopkins has decided it's okay to rest on his impressive laurels?

Whatever may be happening with Hopkins at the moment, there may be hope for the man yet because he's returning to familiar ground with his latest choice of projects. According to Production Weekly, Hopkins will re-team with frequent collaborator James Ivory and star in The City of Your Final Destination for the director. The film, based on the novel by Peter Cameron and adapted by another longtime Ivory collaborator Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, tells the story of an Iranian-born student who travels to Argentina to seek permission from a deceased author's family to write a biography of his life.

Once there, he confronts the family and by doing so forces them to take a hard look at their lives and face one of their greatest fears -- the future. Hopkins joins Omar Metwally, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hiro Sanada and the terrific Laura Linney who are already cast in the film. This marks Hopkins' fourth time around with director Ivory. Their three previous collaborations on The Remains of the Day, Surviving Picasso and the previously mentioned Howard's End have resulted in Hopkins delivering some of the best performances of his career. Maybe this fourth go-around will inspire something in the actor and will help him return to the form that made him the icon he is today. As a fan of the man and his work, I hope so.
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