In an attempt to remove the "Hey, that's the chick in all those romantic comedies and Spider-Man movies" label from below her name, Kirsten Dunst will star in and produce A Jealous Ghost for Paramount Vantage. Film 360 will also produce, while Megan Holley has been brought onboard to adapt from A.N. Wilson's novel of the same name. However, before the project was even brought to Paramount, a whole team of people (including Dunst, Holley and 360's Ben Forkner) ripped the book to shreds, removing chunks of it and adding new characters and story points. Hmm, a film that will in no way stay faithful to the original source material? There's a new one for Hollywood.

Dunst had been searching for a juicy psychological thriller to sink her fangs into as of late, seeing as her last attempt in the genre was 1994's Interview With the Vampire -- a film that kick-started her career. In A Jealous Ghost, Dunst will play a young woman who, upon shacking up with one of her professors while attending University in London, begins seeing demons. I guess that's what happens when you try to sleep your way toward a good grade. Not that I would know, of course -- back in college, all my professors had hair protruding out of places I'd rather not discuss, which made it difficult to even look at them, let alone flirt or -- God forbid -- engage in any sexual activities. Here's hoping Dunst can successfully pull off the thrills and chills. A part of me is really looking forward to seeing what she can do with this genre as an adult now, however it's quite difficult to watch without wincing out of fear that this might be trainwreck waiting to happen.

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