Geek news I found while wishing I had more pumpkin cookies:

  • Pictures of Stan Lee at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a "grand re-opening" of a comic book storefront establishment in Los Angeles, courtesy of the fantastic CBR. Being an East Coaster, I know nothing about the place myself, but it certainly is cool of Stan the Man to show up for the event and drop a classic "Excelsior" on the crowd.
  • Speaking of CBR, they just talked with Stardust creator Neil Gaiman and partner Charles Vess. As always, it is a treat. More people need to know about Neil Gaiman.
  • Eager for Spider-Man 3? According to Superhero Hype, you'll be able to peep a look at a "brand new" trailer this Thursday during MTV's The Duel at 10 pm. Or, you can avoid watching MTV entirely, and catch the thing on the internet an hour or two later. Your choice.
  • To continue my round-up of websites which I love, you can catch a quick discussion with Resident Evil 3 co-star Ali Larter at Sci Fi Wire. I'm not a big RE fan (unless we're talking video games and not movies), but if you are, Sci Fi Wire is here for you.
  • And finally, if you want to keep tabs on what Marvel is up to in the entertainment business, I'd suggest you keep an eye on their quarterly reports. Go ahead and check them out for an idea of what Marvel's going to be up to in the coming year.
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