In an effort to educate myself (and those of you who also need a little help) on the whole who's who of young female actresses, I have some Lindsay Lohan scoop for you. According to production weekly, Lohan has decided to continue her attempt to be in more important films (as our very own Monika pointed out recently) and will make her next project the thriller Who Killed Me for director Chris Siverston.

In the film, written by Jeff Hammond, lovable Lindsay will play the dual roles of Aubrey and Dakota, the twin daughters of a wealthy and influential family. Young Aubrey is abducted by a ruthless and sadistic killer but manages to escape from him. Unfortunately, this escape is not without cost, as the killer first cuts off her hand and leg before she is able to escape. When she finally wakes up in the hospital, the girl claims to be not Aubrey but her twin sister Dakota. After that, Dakota struggles to convince her family, doctors and friends of who she is and also must then struggle to save her sister's life before the killer can strike again.

I hate to say it but that sounds kinda interesting -- and pretty mature subject matter too. Especially the part about losing a leg and hand and having to play twins. Twins. Hmmm. Give me a minute here. Uh huh. Yeah -- Ok, I'm back. I guess Lohan really is serious about enhancing her acting street cred. I only hope she can stayhealthy long enough to get there. Sure, I make fun of her sometimes but deep down I really care about her and what happens in her career. Really, I do. Seriously, she's my favorite. Even if she really isn't twins.
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