Cinematical favorite Uwe Boll has just signed a deal with Brightlight Pictures to bring BloodRayne 2 to a DVD store near you, a piece of news that inspires one to throws one's hands up in the air, look around the room vacantly and mutter "Gee, thanks a lot, Brightlight Pictures."

Citing inspirations like Sergio Leone and John Ford, Dr. Boll is all kinds of psyched about BloodRayne 2, which will actually be a prequel that takes place in The Wild West. (Nope, juast kidding; BloodRayne took place in Renaissance Faire times, so the Wild West setting would still make this a sequel.) And this isn't just ANY horror / action / western sprequel, oh no. Uwe's breakin' out some new weapons on this production: Gone is original Rayne Kristanna Loken, and in her stead we'll get an all-new seksy-vamp chicklet: Natassia Malthe, who played "Typhoid" in Elektra and will soon be appearing in the oft-delayed jiggle-fu epic DOA: Dead or Alive, will be stepping into the demanding role of Betty BloodRayne. So those who were just sure that Loken was Grace Kelly to Uwe Boll's Hitchcock, well, this is a sad day for both of you.

According to, BR2 will be written by film editor Christopher Donaldson and assistant cameraman Neil Every. Boll, for his part, still has to finish scotch-taping together his long-awaited trilogy of Seed, Postal and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale before he can get down to his BloodRayne prequel. Hey Uwe, I speak for most of the world's movie geeks when I say: Take your time.
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