There is a long tradition of the mid-life crisis movie -- audiences seem to respond to watching a breakdown from a safe distance. City living, suburban boredom, family crisis -- all of these can be the source of a good old-fashioned film freak-out. Throw in a wacky psychiatrist a la Running With Scissors, and you've got yourself a movie.

Variety has announced that New Yorker Films has made a distribution deal for Oren Rudavsky'sThe Treatment. The film is based on the Daniel Menaker's novel of the same name and follows an upscale private school professor and his relationship with an unconventional therapist. The film stars Famke Janssen, Chris Eigeman and Ian Holm with a script penned by Rudayvsky and Daniel Saul Housman. The film sounds like your typical urbanite in crisis story with plenty of quirky observations about family, psychiatry, and urban isolation.

Films like The Treatment don't break any new ground with their subject matter; Woody Allen has pretty much made a career out of the male mid-life crisis, so I think he's got it covered. New Yorker films better hope they've hit the right combination of actors, writer and director to make this story worth the re-visit.