It is an almost inevitable fact of life -- no matter how much I scoff at any particular superhero movie, no matter how poor I think the casting choices are, how stupid the script sounds, or how brain dead the director is, I will eventually be geeked-out excited for the flick. I can't dodge the truth of my existence: I am a fanboy. Yeah, a fanboy who spends a fair amount of time worrying and criticizing, but in the end I am still a fanboy.

I've always been semi-excited for the Iron Manflick. I feel the "origins" storyline is good script material and I like Jon Favreau as a director. I haven't been particularly impressed with the casting thus far, but my little fanboy switch flipped to "on" after reading Superhero Hype's brief discussion with Robert Downey Jr. Like with Nic Cage (who will be playing Ghost Rider), it turns out Downey Jr. is a big Marvel fan from childhood, and earnestly pursued the role because he just wanted to be Tony Stark. And like with Nic Cage, this makes me happy. It means the guy stepping into a classic role at least has some idea of who the character actually is, and might be able to play it closer to the comic book feel. He also said he'd love to be on board for three full movies if opportunity allows, which yours truly sincerely hopes is the case.

Question for commenters: Does being a fan (in addition to being an actor, of course) make you a better fit for a comic book role?

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