For those of us who revel in all things geek, the combination of comic book superheroes and video games is a long and often glorious one. I have many a fond memory of hours and hours in front of the Avengers arcade machine with my younger brother and any other friends we could round up to join us for a day of multiplayer superhero action. Obviously, the recent flourish of Marvel movies has led to an equally large flourish of movie-related comic book video games. Granted some of them aren't worth the discs they are printed on, but some of them, such as the Spider-Man and X-Men: Legends titles have been pure gaming gold.

Not to be outdone by all the Marvel movies which have come before it, Iron Man is already working on a video game deal based on the plot of the flick to launch concurrently with the movie in 2008; and they are doing it with the help of an old industry titan: SEGA. Although SEGA isn't the juggernaut it once was, it is still a highly recognized name, and a decent one for Marvel to partner with for such a game. If SEGA can turn it into anything resembling the fun of the previously mentioned titles, I'll be a very happy geek indeed.
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