Hilary Swank really gets into her roles -- and danger be damned! She is currently filming P.S. I Love You in New York, in which she plays a young widow whose late husband has left her a series of messages to help her deal with his death. It sounds romantic, kind of sad, and a little hopeful. It also sounds like the kind of movie where the worst injury suffered would be a red nose from twenty takes of a crying scene. Nevertheless, she injured herself while filming; however, she wasn't performing any stunts or doing anything normally considered dangerous. During a sexy scene in which Gerard Butler performs a strip-tease, she was caught up in his suspenders. This somehow gave her a forehead gash worthy of stitches.

I just really don't get it. Sure, we all have scars and crazy mishaps. Maybe we were bit, burned, or blistered. Maybe we went to the hospital for food or alcohol poisoning. But from a suspender mishap? It seems like one of those plot contrivances in a silly comedy that we chuckle at, but never believe it would happen. 2006 has definitely been Year of the Eyebrow-Raising Injuries. Here are a few:

Eva Longoria - Falls down the stairs after leaving her dressing room, a year after getting swiped by an errant pole.

LindsayLohan - First, she fractures her wrist. Then, she's hospitalized for being too hot and dehydrating herself.

David Hasselhoff - This is the ultimate: While shaving, he hits his head and his arm gets sprayed with broken glass.

Is Hollywood getting clumsier, or have we just never heard about these stories before? Better yet, how do they deal with their insurance adjusters? I can hear the conversation now...

[via Monsters and Critics]

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