As we reported before, Marvel is hoping you might forget about the recent Ang Lee version of Hulk (released only 3 years ago, btw) and instead focus your attention on the latest incarnation-- now called The Incredible Hulk. For those of you not paying attention in class, here's what we know so far:

Zak Penn, writer of X-Men: The Last Standand the upcoming The Avengers, is handling the script. Louis Leterrier, director of The Transporter 2 andUnleashed, will be sitting in the director's chair. Eric Bana will most likely not be returning and neither will Jennifer Connolly or Nick Nolte. Or, one would assume, anyone else associated with the last film -- save Exec. Producers Stan Lee and Avi Arad. Lastly, the film will not be so much a sequel as a ... word I really don't like to use. Ok, fine, it's a re-imagining and not a sequel. There, I said it. And now we can add one more bit of news to the ever-increasing pile -- an official release date for the film.

Ready to mark your calendars? The release date is June 27th, 2008. Not too long for you, I hope. I, for one, can't wait to see what this new team comes up with. I like Zak Pen as a writer and he's done a pretty good job so far with his comic book adaptations (well, except for Elektra -- although it was far better than Daredevil -- so there you go) and Leterrier really showed his skills with action and exciting fight sequences in The Transporter films. Hopefully, the combination of those two guys can take the bad taste out of our collective mouths from the last time this character was in theaters.

Casting is currently underway for The Incredible Hulk. No word yet on a start date for filming but my guess is early next year.

So, will The Incredible Hulk be a winner, or more of the same?

[Via comic book movie]
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