After an unexpected and completely unnoticed hiatus, the Tips for Tuesday column is back! Be sure to check back each week to see what the DVD stores are offering. Plus the holidays are coming up and all that jazz, which means the swanky new DVD releases will be hitting the scene pretty soon. And check out all these multi-movie box sets!

Recent Theatrical Films

Cars (Disney) -- Pixar's weakest is still better than most. Expect a flawless transfer, but (oddly) not much in the extras department.

Little Man: Loaded with Extra Crap Edition (Sony) -- Yes, they actually put that on the DVD case; not even the filmmakers like this movie.

(IFC) -- The finest documentary about crossword puzzles you're ever likely to see. Commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes aplenty.

Catalog Titles & Collections

Christmas Classics Collection (Fox) -- Miracle on 34th Street ('94), Jingle All the Way, Home Alone and A Christmas Carol ('84).

Cinema Paradiso: Limited Collector's Edition (Weinstein) -- C'mon, you know it made you cry. A little.

Funtastic Adventures Collection (Fox) -- Ice Age, Robots, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and Once Upon a Forest.

James Bond Ultimate Edition Vol. 1 (MGM) -- The Man with the Golden Gun, Goldfinger, The World is Not Enough, Diamonds are Forever and The Living Daylights.