Chalk this one up as yet another rumor chugging its way around the net. Remember that Vega Brothers movie Quentin Tarantino has always flirted with, but never injected enough juice into his brain to actually make? The film was supposed to focus on brothers Vincent Vega (as played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction) and Vic Vega (as played by Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs). Last we heard from Tarantino, he claimed to be into the project, and even revealed that he had found a way to write it even though both characters died in their respective movies. Would it be a prequel? Heck no, these guys are way too old to play younger versions of themselves. Would they come back from the dead? Nah, even Tarantino is smart enough to stay away from that bogus plot device.

So, what did he come up with? Well, CHUD recently sat down with Madsen, and the actor dumped an interesting scenario on the table, one that's still not officially a reality, but could be if Tarantino feels like churning out a script. Says Madsen, " [Tarantino] gave me an idea that would be really outrageous – that John and I would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent. We come from Amsterdam to LA to avenge the deaths of our brothers. I think that's pretty interesting. For me, I'd love to do it." If 'interesting' is another way of saying the idea is utterly ridiculous, then I certainly agree with Madsen. Let's get serious here folks, while I'd love to see these characters up on the big screen again, this plot is a bit absurd. Besides, Tarantino already gave us his big revenge pic in Kill Bill, so all he'd be doing is regurgitating a familiar storyline with the same actors (Madsen also appeared in Kill Bill as one of the dudes Uma Thurman comes after for beating her silly inside the wedding chapel). What say you about this latest rumor? Good idea? Bad? Personally, I say Tarantino scraps his Vega fantasy and finally gets to shooting Inglorious Bastards. Yes sir, those are my two cents.

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