Even if George Romero's latest film, Diary of the Dead, fails to satisfy, horror fans can rest assured that there's another Romero film on the horizon, though it's from another Romero entirely. The Screening is the new film from G. Cameron Romero, son of the man who developed shuffling, flesh-eating zombies into an art form. The tradition of fathers passing the horror film bug to their sons is a proud one going back as far as Lon Chaneys Sr. and Jr.

The movie's plot, which sounds similar to the Masters of Horrorepisode Cigarette Burns, centers around a series of disturbing films that seem to have an adverse effect on anyone who sees them. The last time they were shown was at the trial of the filmmaker, and the entire jury has since gone mad. The movie has an official website where you can register for updates on the film and possibly win an iPod. There's a Myspace page as well, and an article over at Twitch Film has several downloadable versions of the trailer.

Debbie Rochon's presence in the cast doesn't fill me with optimism. The last time I remember seeing her was in the abomination that was the Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition, a project whose purpose was to shore up the copyright on the classic zombie film by adding new and unnecessary footage, and a far less compelling score. None of the other thespians in the trailer seem ready to set the world afire, but the cursed films within the film do look disturbing. What does everyone think; is Young Romero a worthy successor to the throne?
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