Everyone has heard the cliché, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," but how can we tell when an imitation has become the sincerest form of a rip-off? Evan Almighty is due to hit screens June 2007, but another "divine comedy" is already on the way. Although, it looks like this one might be a little more profane in its approach.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Aesop Entertainment has picked up the comedy Jesus on Line Four. The story follows a regular guy who starts receiving phone calls from none other than the Son of God himself. The twist on the regular-guy angle is that he's a shock-jock with a local radio call-in show. Bob Comfort wrote the script and Richard Davenport is on board to direct. Davenport is better known as an F/X artist and had worked on Daredevil and X2. Jesus on Line Four will be Davenports first attempt at directing a feature film.

It looks like Jesus on Line Four will hit screens sooner rather than later, as it garnered a fair share of buzz at The American Film Market. No casting announcements have been made, but Aesop is currently in negotiations with BBC Films to start preproduction this January.
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