Admit it, whenever someone talks to you about the meaning of Christmas, you immediately think of Christian Slater for some bizarre reason. Don't worry, it happens to all of us at one point or another -- there's just something so magical about his acting, it's almost as if Santa and Slater are one in the same. Case in point: The dude has signed on to star in Gideon's Gift, based off the heartwarming holiday novel written by Karen Kingsbury.

Slater will star alongside Elle Fanning, little sister to Dakota. That's right folks, there's two of them! Now, before I tell you what it's about, you're going to want to grab that Kleenex box -- oh yeah, this one's a tear-jerker. Story revolves around Big Earl Gibson (Slater) who, after losing his wife and daughter one Christmas, winds up on the streets, heartbroken and hating his life. That is until he meets Gideon Mercer (Fanning), an eight-year old leukemia patient who wants nothing more than to help Big Earl turn his life around. Oh, and at some point they both learn the meaning of Christmas. Sorry if I sound rude here, but shouldn't this be a made-for-TV movie? The Family Channel would have a ball promoting this flick, running it alongside a Growing Pains Christmas Reunion Special. C'mon, tell me that wouldn't make for the perfect double feature? Production will start this February in, of all places, New Mexico. Because when I hear Christmas, I think hot, dry desert environment.

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