Emilio Estevez was a lovable guy in the 80s. He was not only an Outsider, but he also cried at the pressures of his demanding father and his urge to tape butt cheeks together. Yet, the poor guy never became an icon. He had hot co-stars like Patrick Swayze and an estrogen-inflaming brother named Charlie to take those honors. When he was no longer a cute kid, his nice-boy face landed him a coaching job to a bunch of Mighty Ducks.

Then, he faded from view. With no teen angst or young hockey players, Estevez lost his foothold in Hollywood. That is, until he re-invented himself as a writer and director with the soon-to-be-released Bobby. It hasn't gotten critical acclaim, but it seems to be a very solid showing for the newly-revived screenwriter.

Now, Moviehole reports that Estevez is on-track for his next film. Emilio brought up his second feature (post-comeback)* a few months ago at TIFF, which he named Johnny Longshot. There, he equated the new screenplay both with the sports drama aspects of The Mighty Ducks and with his life over the last ten years. It will be a family film about harness racing that he describes as "inspirational."

It sounds like typical Disney-like fare, but I fear this inspiration will translate more into a kid-friendly product than a Seabiscuit hit. Regardless, I'm thinking about creating a game where you pick out the pieces of Emilio's reality in the story. Will there be the famous father whose shoes he must fill? A sister who flies under the radar? Or what about a womanizing brother?

*Thanks to Shawn for pointing other Emilio features. With 16 years since the last feature he wrote and directed, I think I was choosing to forget.

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