Geeks worldwide can heave a big sigh of relief on today's news. While most of us were highly suspicious of the "Oh no, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller hate each other, Angelina Jolie refuses to be in the movie, and Sin City 2 is doomed!" rumors, they naturally caused some small bit of concern.Thankfully, the ever-talented Comic Book Resources set themselves to digging out the truth behind these ugly rumors. They headed first to Frank Miller's attorney Harris Miller, who informed them the rumors were not to be believed. Harris (called here by his first name to avoid obvious confusion), told CBR Frank is currently working on comics related issues while Rodriguez is of course hard at work on Grindhouse, but there are no arguments between them and the two certainly still plan on returning to Sin City. Harris later forwarded on a response from Frank himself, who said bluntly: "This is patent nonsense. Cybercrap." Granted, Frank has had some problems with Hollywood in the past -- but the partnership with Rodriguez seemed exceptionally surprised, and I'd be shocked if they canned future plans. Stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates, should they arise.
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