So, this column thing -- From the Editor's Desk -- is just a sort of way of ... I don't know ... clearing my throat before I write? Letting you know that movie critics are human? Just generally talk about movies and life? All of the above, I guess. The problem is that you can say things -- stupid things, simple things, in-jokes and oblique references -- that may not make any sense, or make sense in the way you'd want them to. Hence my use of the phrase "I'm not a gay communist robot. ..." The joke is, to me, the combination of the three, because then I imagine the actual stereotypical, archetypal robot -- immune to feeling and an enemy of traditional American values. But the phrase itself, on its own, might not be funny, but it might also imply things I don't feel and don't think. So, yeah.

Remember how a few weeks ago, it was all Halloween movies? Well, lately it's about Bond -- when is it, where's the screening, what were your favorites, which were the worst? As if that's not bad enough, the internal editorial e-mail list at Cinematical has now, officially, got me humming both Duran Duran and A-Ha in my head. See, again, an in-joke oblique reference. Not funny. But you know what else isn't funny? What happened to Matthew Broderick? That, my friends, ain't funny. Oh, and Bobby. But that's a story for another day.