Geek news I found while drinking some fantastic hot apple cider:

  • If you, like me, are delighted by Marvel properties in animated form, you probably enjoyed the Ultimate Avengers movies. Following these flicks comes The Invincible Iron Man, another sure to be enjoyable direct-to-DVD animated movie from Marvel. Read Marvel's full press release here for official details on the film.
  • Making their first appearance in a Geek Bytes roundup is Harbx, with a solid look at some Bumblebee concept art in both robot and vehicle form. You can also get a fun look at his weapons systems, complete with arm cannon goodness.
  • IGN presents five exclusive clips from the Donner Cut of Superman II. I'm interested in hearing what classic Supes fans think of the Donner cut.
  • As it turns out, MTV will not be getting an exclusive on that new Spider-Man 3 trailer this Thursday; it seems CBS will be running the clip as well. I still plan on holding out for the internet debut of the trailer a few minutes later.
  • The first Fantastic Four video game based on the movie franchise was ... well ... a good deal less than stellar. Take-Two is going to handle the second video game -- let's hope they do a better job. (from Next Generation)
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