The movie business is a competitive one. No surprise there, but here's the downside: Every film that gets the green light needs to trump the one before it. For example, it can't just be a serial killer; its needs to be the most gruesome serial killer ever known to man. When the stakes keep rising, how do you know when to stop? Enter: The Akula Job.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Impact Films has picked up the heist action titleThe Akula Job, penned by relative newcomer Mark Distefano (Friends and Enemies). The film will be about a high stakes jewel heist that -- get ready for this -- has to take place aboard a moving submarine 600 feet underwater. I don't want to jump to conclusions about this one but, for some reason, the fact that the movie will be produced by the same people who brought us DOAand The Hole gives me this sinking feeling in my stomach. I wonder why?

Add to that the fact that there is already a glut of heist movies on the go and the production seems a little unnecessary, not to mention downright silly. No casting announcements have been made as of yet, but really, when a movie is about robbing a submarine, does it really matter?