Let's hop into the WABAC machine today for a quick jaunt into the not-so-distant past. Sherman will kindly set the dial for September 13, 2006, when your faithful geek beat writer told you about Heath Ledger'spassionate feelings for comic book movies. I'll quote him for you -- well, mostly quote him. A word or two will be slightly censored for the family friendly. Here are Ledger's thoughts two short months ago: "I actually hate comic book movies, like f--ing hate them, they just bore me s--tless and they're just dumb."

Now the simple among us may misinterpret the above statements to mean Heath Ledger does not, you know, like comic book movies very much. But clearly we'd be wrong, and are simply not really understanding what Ledger meant, because recent comments from Ledger suggest a very different idea. From Newsarama comes a brief interview with Ledger in which he discusses his role as the Joker. The moneyline from the entire interview is in Ledger's discussion of his limited comic book knowledge, and how he feels it will help his role: "I was never really a fan of comic books or comic book movies. I never despised them but I was never one to read them. I never sought out the films but I would sit down and enjoy them."

Go ahead and try to reconcile those two quotes. When you give up, you can swing on by Newsarama and check out the rest of the interview.
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