TV Squad will probably cover this news more thoroughly than I can, mainly because I've been up all night watching Ken Russell movies, but I'll give it a go: Various interested parties are turning the Terminatormovieseries into a TV program called The Sarah Connor Chronicles, some of whom are director David Nutter and screenwriter Josh Friedman.

The announcement was made a while back, but nothing screams "done deal" like the announcement of a leading lady. And if we're judging the "Chronicles" based solely on one casting decision, well I like where this new series is going already. Previously played by Linda Hamilton in The Terminator and T2, the "mother of the future" will soon be played by one Lena Headey.

What's that? You're only vaguely familiar with that name? I'll clarify: The Bermuda-born babe played "that really beautiful lesbian" in Imagine Me & You, "that really hot spelunkerette" in The Cave and "that really sexy medieval gal" in The Brothers Grimm -- plus she'll soon be seen in the inevitably ass-kick-tastic 300. Combine those credits with the lead role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles and you're looking at the sexiest fanboy femme since Carrie-Anne Moss cracked The Matrix.

Anyway, she's not only hot, but a solid character actor-type as well. And if the Chronicles scripts are even half as clever as Friedman's own blog, then this series might be a big fat hit.
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