I put Roger Corman's name right there in the headline, not because it is a familiar name and I thought it would grab attention (although that's a nice side effect), but because I was worried that you, like me, may see the words "Space" and "3001" in the same headline and presume somebody was returning to Arthur C. Clarke's famous book line for another film. Fear not, 3001: The Final Odyssey is safe from filmmakers -- I'm not sure what exactly this project Roger Corman is planning is about, but I did a fair amount of searching and there is nothing to link it to Clarke's work. Here's what we do know:

  • Corman will be partnering with John Davison to create Space 3001.
  • The budget will be somewhere in the realm of $20 million, with the help of Irish government subsidies.
  • Corman and Davison will finance the production through their own companies. Who doesn't have their own production company, after all? Naturally, and Irish film fund will be involved as well.
  • Sam Straider wrote the script. What? You say you don't know Sam Straider. That's okay ... apparently IMDB doesn't, either. If you know of the man, drop us a comment, okay?
  • Production starts this spring at Corman's place in Ireland.
Hands in the air, who is excited for a $20 million sci-fi film produced by Roger Corman? You bet your <insert cheesy old catchword here> I am.

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