In an attempt to make it seem as if they're once again revolutionizing indie filmmaking, The Sundance Institute and Robert Redford announced today at a press conference in New York a new program called The Global Short Film Project. What's happening is The Sundance Film Festival has teamed up with GSMA (described as "an association of mobile phone service providers") and commissioned six independent filmmakers (all of whom have presented work at the Sundance fest in the past) to create short films specifically designed to play on cell phones. Heck yeah, Sundance has officially gone mobile, folks!

The filmmakers involved are Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine), Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow), Maria Maggenti (Puccini for Beginners), Cory McAbee (The American Astronaut) and Jody Hill (The Foot Fist Way). The films will premiere at the 3GSM World Congress (which appears to be some sort of gigantic mobile orgy) in Barcelona this February. Following the event, they will most likely be made available to download on your phone. However, more details will be announced as the Sundance fest draws closer. We're not sure what Redford intends to do with this new project (aside from obtaining a ton of free minutes from his cell phone provider), but here's hoping The Reeler's frightening prediction of a "Mobile Phone Auteur Lab" does not come true. Even if its description as a "rigorous series of workshops dedicated to expertly lighting and framing your drunk, passed out friends for future laughs and/or blackmail" would be a hilarious scenario to poke fun at. Ahh, Redford -- what will he come up with next?