I know, at first glance it sounds like the opening to a bad joke. And, trust me, I really wish I had a fantastic punchline that ended with fictional characters Wallace and Gromit being placed in charge of Dreamworks Animation, but sadly I do not. However, I do have some news on the studio's planned remake of the French hit Le Diner de cons (or, as it will be known here in the States, Dinner With Schmucks).

Scribes David Guion and Michael Handelman have been tapped to pen the script, which reportedly has box office hero Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) attached to star. Story (whose script has passed through a ton of hands over the years) revolves around a publisher who asks guests to invite "the most pathetic people possible" to his upcoming dinner party. And, as Variety describes (in humorous detail), Baron Cohen would play "a guest so full of 'schmuckiness' that he ruins the lives of anyone who comes into his orbit." Here's hoping this pic fairs better than Guion and Handelman's last script, Used Guys. That one fell apart faster than you can say, "Borat sexy man is."

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