Talk about a hot author as of late, Cormac McCarthy's books are slowly being snatched up by Hollywood and transformed into feature films. Back in 2002, there was All the Pretty Horses, the Coen Bros. just wrapped production on No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridien is also slated for adaptation duties. Now, producer Nick Wechsler has rolled the dice and picked up film rights for what could be McCarthy's most controversial book yet, The Road.

Wechsler will use independent financing to put together the pic, which already has John Hillcoat(The Proposition) onboard to help develop and eventually direct. But why is it so controversial? Well, according to Variety's description, story revolves around a "post-apocalyptic nightmarish road trip of a man who tries to transport his son to safety while fending off starving stragglers and marauding packs of cannibals." Yeah, it appears the whole cannibal angle scared off potential studios, and so Wechsler set out to package this puppy up on the outside, something he's already used to. He says, "I've done quite a few movies lately this way, and it gives you the creative freedom and a more promising upside, especially on the DVD front."

While I haven't read it, I think the book sounds pretty fantastic -- kind of a mix between Dawn of the Dead and War of the Worlds -- though I imagine the budget will be kept fairly low, which means talent will have to come cheap. Anyone out there read the book? Care to share your opinion?

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