Next year will mark the twentieth anniversary of Withnail and I, a movie that exploded without being a big blockbuster, and remains a classic removed from the usual 80's shtick. Perhaps this is due to it being a fictional autobiography that contains interesting bits of director Bruce Robinson's life. Withnail's Uncle Monty, for example, is a charicature of Franco Zeffirelli, who Robinson rejected during the filming of Romeo and Juliet. Another trivia morsel discusses Grant drinking a tumbler of vodka topped with Pepsi once, just to get into character without having to fake drunkenness. Hell, there is even an intricate drinking game where viewers can drink along with the alcoholic duo.

Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann have not acted together since they starred in the film. That is, until now. Duncan Wellaway, a fan of Withnail, brought them together again for the short, black comedy he wrote and directed, Always Crashing in the Same Car. Using the quirks and idiosyncrasies that made the duo so endearing, Wellaway created similar characters and placed them in a "twisted" version of modern London . While he won't give away many details, the film focuses on two men who hate each other, yet find themselves in a power reversal. The film was produced by the same company that funded Withnail, George Harrison's own HandMade. They immediately agreed to fund Wellaway's project, which was shot in September.

Now, you're probably thinking that there's little chance you'll ever get to see the short. However, if things go as planned, this is one disappointment that will never be realized. There is now talk of re-releasing the film to celebrate the last twenty years, with the short attached.

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