Should all filmmakers have blogs? After all, I can think of some filmmakers whom I'd rather see spending their time actually making movies or writing scripts. And I suspect there are a few filmmakers who are much better at directing than they are at writing short essays or even diary-like entries. But I have a number of filmmakers' blogs in my RSS feed reader -- it's so much fun to hear about the entire process, whether it's preproduction details, brief sleep-deprived entries posted erratically during the shoot, or news about distribution and exhibition.
  • Doug Block is one of the first people to combine filmmaking and blogging. He even made a documentary about blogging, Home Page (pictured above), back in 1998. On his blog Around the Block, he's been sharing stories about screenings of his latest film, the personal doc 51 Birch Street.
  • Over at Drifting: A Director's Log, you can read all about David Lowery's latest editing project, Ciao. I'm not a filmmaker myself so I don't understand advice like, "If you roll over from your first card to the next in the middle of a take, make sure you get a tail slate." Fortunately for me, Lowery also blogs about the shorts he's directed, movies he's seen, and anything else film-related that he likes.