Geek news I found while pondering the existential:

  • Zap2It talks with noted voice actor Peter Cullen, the man who is Optimus Prime. Read his thoughts on inspiration, character death, and returning to the franchise, among other topics. Peter Cullen, you are my hero of the day.
  • POTENTIAL SPOILER: Has Film Ick nabbed character designs for three Spider-Manvillains? They think they have -- although they are from the video game, not the movie. But then, the characters in the game are strictly modeled after those in the movie, so sort of. Have a look and see what you think.
  • Who would have ever guessed they'd hide Easter eggs in the Transformers 20th Anniversary DVD?Seibertron tells you where to look.
  • An hour long audio MP3 from a screening of the "Donner Cut" of Superman 2. It features discussion from Richard Donner and some cast members.
  • This has already been mentioned here on Cinematical, and it has nothing to do with the geek world at all, but I just want to take this moment to say "Emilio Estevez. Hahaha."
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