The Man: Hugh Jackman, star of multipleX-Menfilms, numerous well-reviewed stage plays and and a few romanticcomedies that nobody remembers.

The Mission: Supply the actor with a Spy Movie Franchise that will yield returns not dissimilar to those of James Bond, Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne.

The Material: Robert Littell's The Amateur, which was (in 1981) turned into a film starring John Savage and Christopher Plummer. The film is not remembered all that fondly -- if at all. Quite logically, the new producers are insisting that this is NOT a remake, but a new adaptation of the same source material. As if, like I said, anyone actually remembered the first movie.

According to Variety, Jackman's own production company is the outfit behind the adaptation, and they'll be working with Fox on this one. Evan Katz, presently an executive producer on 24, will be penning the screenplay for The Amateur. No director has been announced just yet, but I can tell you that The Amateur is about a CIA code-cracker who trains for secret revenge after his fiancee is murdered by terrorists.
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