As reported over at Production Weekly, Diane English, who won an Emmy for her writing on Murphy Brown, is about to direct her first feature film, and with talent like Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow, Anne Hathaway and Candice Bergen in tow, she's off to a good start. Kudrow's always good for a quirky character, and I look forward to seeing Hathaway in more adult roles like the one she played in Brokeback Mountain (though I didn't quite find her believable as the age she was playing by the end of that movie). The film is question is The Women based on a 1939 movie of the same name that had an impressive cast of its own including Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell and Joan Fontaine. The original film was directed by George Cukor, the man behind the unfinished 1962 Marilyn Monroe film Something's Got to Give, as well as My Fair Lady and the 1954 version of A Star is Born.

English's film will be about a tight-knit group of high society women and how they deal with friendship, divorce and betrayal. The women spend their days at the beauty salon and haunting fashion shows. The sweet, happily-wedded Mary Haines finds her marriage in trouble when shopgirl Crystal Allen gets her hooks into Mary's man; sounds a bit like an upscale Sex and the City to me. No word yet on which actor will be playing which character. I'm not familiar with Cukor's original film, but I have to imagine an American film from 1939 had to deal with the topic of divorce quite delicately, thanks to the Hayes Code. Obviously English won't have that problem, and since she has a proven track record for writing strong female characters, this should be a film to watch out for. The Women begins shooting in March.
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