Yesterday, we spent some time discussing the delay of Trek XIin the scriptwriting phase. Today's topic for discussion -- who plays Kirk? As we all know, the new flick plans to be a Young Kirk and Spock Adventures film, which of course means somebody out there has to play the famous screen icons. There's a big problem with this in my world (and I imagine the same is true with many of you), and in an interview with TV Guide, Shatner perfectly defined the problem in one succinct sentence: "I think it [the role of Kirk] is essentially uncastable." I'd probably extend the statement to cover Spock as well, but for the purposes of this discussion we'll stick with Kirk for now.

You know it, I know it, and if they're honest, the studio people know it too. William Shatner IS Captain Kirk. The role was not played by him, the role was him. Shatner so thoroughly embodied the character it is hard to imagine anyone else doing it. Sure, lots of people can do a fantastic Kirk imitation, and a number of actors are certainly talented enough to mimic the character very well, but we'd all watch it and know it just wasn't Shatner. Michael Vartan, an actor who has worked with director J.J. Abrams in the past, knows this to be true. Vartan said Kirk is "one of those roles you just don't touch."

Look, I'm not a big Trek fan. I like it, but I've never committed enough time or interest to really be considered a fan, so I'm not making this argument out of some weird fanboy loyalty. All remakes are tricky because of the recasting factor, and this time we're talking about recasting a very unique and recognizable role. It is going to be very hard ... but if this movie moves forward, it has to happen. Is there anyone out there who could fill Shatner's shoes?
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