If you want my opinion (and trust me, I'm far from being a true comic book geek), I think Bryan Singer should seriously take the next couple years and do everything in his power to produce not only a satisfying Superman Returns sequel, but one that blows his first attempt out of the water. It certainly appears that's the direction he's heading in, and God only knows how much pressure is on this dude right now.

Singer, who is currently in Hawaii with producer Jon Peters celebrating the birthday of another fellow producer, Chris Lee, has apparently traveled to paradise for two reasons: to get loaded and begin work on the much-anticipated Superman sequel. (Okay, the first one is just speculation on my part, but you're in Hawaii celebrating someone's birthday -- what else would you do?) While there, Singer acknowledged that he had been approached to direct X-Men 4, but apparently turned down the offer because he simply does not have the energy or chutzpah to work on two gigantic blockbusters at the same time. However, he did say that he wanted to look at the Wolverine spinoff script. Hmm, since that puppy seems ready to go, could Singer potentially pump it out before Supes? Having his name attached would definitely restore faith (somewhat) in those fans afraid the flick will literally spin off into Crap Land.

So, you mega fans out there: Would you rather see Singer focus his energy on Superman and stay away from the X-Men universe for now, or take a chance on Wolverine and hope the guy doesn't keel over due to sleep deprivation?

[via Coming Soon]

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