Well folks, the time is upon us: Spider-Man 3 is looming large and we're going to be under a whole mess of Spidey merchandising and advertising. I don't know about you, but I can't wait. Spider-Man has been the torch-bearer for all Marvel films, and the third flick in the franchise will certainly be one of this summer's biggest box office takes. With that in mind, here are my thoughts from the freshly released Spider-Man 3 trailer (yay!):

  • Love seeing Spider-Man fans on the streets. The relationship between Spider-Man and the public is one of the most interesting in Marvel, and it's cool seeing kids in Spidey costumes cheering him on.
  • Haha, there is a great moneyshot of Spidey posing in front of a flag. Feel the patriotism swell!
  • If you ever thought the Sandman was a cheesy villain, and wondered why they chose him for the movie, wonder no more. Wow, does he look like a fun villain, and the CGI is performing marvelously for him. But seriously ... Sandman killing Uncle Ben?
  • I've gone on record as being worried about the Venom suit. Move me officially into the excited column after watching the darkness creep over Peter. Stan Lee would be proud. I still want the giant white spider on the front, but I'm willing to give.
  • As expected, it is flashy, full of pretty CGI, and lots of camera cuts. Thematically we're probably looking at a much darker film, but if you liked the first two (and who didn't) this trailer is certainly sure to excite. More of the same, but better.

P.S. I still don't like adding in Gwen.

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