The Canadian Film Centre is an advanced training institute in Toronto that was created twenty years ago by Norman Jewison, Academy Award winner and Canadian director. It provides three main streams -- film, television and new media. Boasting a 92% success rate, CFC alumni include Paul Fox, director of Everything's Gone Green, as well as one of my favourite Canadian film people, Don McKellar, director of Last Night and Childstar.

Yesterday, the center announced a new brand identity and partnership. First, the logo. The center has swivelled the first "C" to symbolize an open door. Basically, the doors are open for people to learn, as well as for alumni to return and collaborate. I can't help but be a little catty about the thought that an inverted C makes such a difference. What a warm new logo, with its Cs stretching out in both directions, welcoming creators old and new! However, the idea is sound. How better to train newcomers than to have them work with those who've been successful?

Teamed with the new identity is the NBC Universal Multiplatform Program. Aiming to aid 's media culture, the program will offer monetary and creative support for those interested in "multiplatform strategy." While right now, it is shrouded in PR speak, it will be interesting to see what sort of influence this collaboration between NBC and the CFC will have.

All of these morsels come along with a number of other initiatives that range from an actor conservatory to furthering the international promotion of Canadian film. I, for one, hope they are successful. As I see Jackass and Butterfly Effect sequels making it out there, I rue the large number of Canadian gemsthatareneglected.

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