Oh, you knew there was a reason for staying in on a Friday night and surfing around Cinematical. And you'll want to read this story because -- trust me here, folks -- it's definitely a doozy. Apparently, Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria have been offered roles in Tipping the Velvet, an adaptation of the Sarah Waters novel. Though nothing is official yet, it appears this will be Sofia Coppola's next film, and both actresses have confirmed their possible involvement. Says Longoria, "Yes, it's true, we're talking about doing that. It's such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story."

While I've never read it (sorry, but 472-page lesbian stories set in the 1890s aren't exactly my cup of tea), according to the amazon description, this one seems delicious. Here, this should get you started: "With a title that's a euphemism for cunnilingus and a plot awash with graphic lesbian sex, this lush tale fearlessly and feverishly exposes the political, social and sexual subversions of Victorian-era gender-benders: sapphists, libertines and passing women." Great, I'll take that with a side of sweeet! For those of you interested in learning a bit more about Tipping the Velvet (like I really have to ask), the book was already adapted into a BBC television drama serial back in 2002. And it's on DVD. And now you have something to do this weekend. You're welcome.

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