Now that you're probably sick to death of Borat and his various antics, we here at Cinematical would like to congratulate you for sticking by us (and ourplethoraofBoratcoverage) over the past few months. Since you've been so kind to us, we'd like to reward you with yet another post on Borat ... but don't worry -- this one is definitely worth it. We think. And hope. Here's what's happening in the world of Borat today:

  • Worldwide, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America Make for Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan has raked in $56.5 million at the box office and will test its legs this weekend when Sacha Baron Cohen goes up against his Talladega Nights co-star Will Ferrell and Stranger Than Fiction.
  • Russia thinks Borat is more offensive than filthy porn and has subsequently banned the film from playing in the country. Cinematical promptly sent three bottles of vodka to the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography in an attempt to alter their perception decision.
  • Two fraternity brothers from a South Carolina University want to smack a lawsuit on Borat after making drunken asses of themselves on camera, spewing racist and sexist slurs thinking they were taking part in a documentary that would not be shown in the United States. The boys claim they were fed alcohol and coerced into acting like morons, however it's our opinion that Borat should turn around and sue them for being the only frat boys in America not aware of Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat and Da Ali G Show.
  • Finally, Salon has thrown up a great article called, "What's Real in Borat." It goes into great detail regarding a number of different scenes in the movie, how they were put together and what Borat's "victims" thought of the experience and the way they were portrayed in the film. Surprisingly, most got a good laugh out of the whole thing -- well, except for those frat boys. But we're sure an all-night kegger (on Borat's dime) could correct that situation without a bunch of stupid lawyer dudes getting involved.