Vladimir Palaniuk, better known as Jack Palance, passed away from natural causes today, as the Monterey Herald reports. The AP sites his age at 85, although his family has said his age was 87. Regardless, Palance had an air of immortality. Everyone loved when he dropped down and did one-armed pushups at the Academy Awards. And it wasn't the last time he did them. Well into his 80s, Palance showed everyone his health and strength behind the worn skin and warm smile.

Palance was born February 18, 1919 to a Ukranian family in Pennsylvania. In the 1930's he started his journey into the spotlight as a professional boxer with the name Jack Brazzo, however his successful career was cut short to enter World War II. After an injury took him out of service, Palance got an AB in Drama from Stanford University and made his Broadway debut in 1947. From there, he quickly acheived two Oscar nominations for his work in Sudden Fearand Shane. Over the years, Palance racked up a number of professional successes, which culminated in his Academy Award win for City Slickers.

He was a great man, and his talents and strength will never be forgotten.
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