David LynchIn an ever-changing world, it's always a comfort to see that some things and people remain the same. David Lynch may have switched from film to DV for his moviemaking, and swears he's never going back, but he's still got that trademark behavior that is a little too surreal to be called merely quirky.

Defamer got word that Lynch was out on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday, sitting in a lawn chair next to a "For Your Consideration" sign promoting Laura Dern's performance in Lynch's latest film, Inland Empire ... with a cow. Go look at the photo on Defamer. He's got a real live cow on a leash, right there in the middle of LA. You'd think he was in Texas (where naturally we walk our cows every morning down major urban thoroughfares). Lynch tied in the cow and the movie with a sign reading "Without cheese there would be no Inland Empire."

I haven't seen Inland Empire yet, because I live in Austin and not New York. So you guys have to tell me: Are there any cows in the film? Is Lynch saying that his movie is cheesy, or is there some sort of dairy product subplot? You never can tell with David Lynch movies. I did hear there were people dressed as rabbits, but I guess a rabbit is too small to be seen from the highway. I've seen many of Lynch's movies and don't recall anything that would indicate a predilection for cattle.

I would like to issue a personal request to Mr. Lynch, for his consideration: Since you seem to be enjoying the company of cows, I wish you would come over here to Texas, where we will introduce you to many bovine creatures ... provided you bring Inland Empire and show it here in Austin (and maybe Dallas or Houston too, to be fair).
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