Lately things have become super-charged with the paparazzi. While there are always stories detailing celebs getting angry with the flashing lights of insistent cameras, the last few weeks have taken a new turn. Instead of a rouged cheek, Madonna is sporting a large bruise. Lindsay Lohan's friends fear she'll be the next Princess Diana. And now, Denise Richards is a talented laptop hurler.

Richards is currently in Vancouver filming Blonde and Blonder, what seems to be a dumb blonde version of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The IMDB synopsis claims the duo (played by Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson) will have the "smarts" from Legally Blonde, but somehow, I doubt it!Anyway, the movie was filming at the River Rock Casino when Richards spotted two unauthorized photographers and approached them. The three argued, and their two laptops were thrown off the balcony they were standing on. Unfortunately, the flying computer projectiles struck two older women – at 89 and 91 years of age!

The women somehow escaped serious injury, and at this time, do not have plans to press charges. As for the altercating trio, that remains to be seen. As the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) investigate, the players in the debacle are providing the usual he said/she said. The photographers say the altercation was not provoked, and Richard's publicist says the opposite.

Many of us love a little gossip now and then. But where is the line? Just how much responsibility should celebrities assume for going into this line of work, and when does the responsibility transfer to the eager photographers?

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