Only a day or so ago, Frank Miller's attorney shared with the world a short statement from Miller regarding the recent rumors of discord amongst the Sin Cityteam. Miller simply said "This is patent nonsense. Cybercrap." Nonetheless, sources (some of which are apparently prominently-placed) continue to claim the once iron-clad friendship between Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller has dissolved, and sequels are in danger. The truth? Well, I suppose those who doubt will continue to doubt, but Frank Miller has stepped up again to deliver another strong endorsement of the team's commitment to a sequel. IF Magazine got a chance to ask a quick question of Miller, and they of course seized the opportunity to ask him about the rumors. Miller told them the script was nearly completed and everything is still a go, as soon as schedules clear up. Oh, and his new work for the film is still planned to happen in comic book form around the same time as the movie releases.

So is Miller trustworthy? I know the man can be hard to work with, but he's certainly the most reputable source we've got stepping up so far. It's hard to be closer to the source than the writer/co-director himself, so until we get something far more official than the rumors we've heard, I'm taking the guy's word for it. You?
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