Geek news I found while wishing I had my slippers handy:

  • There was apparently a fantastic Q&A session with Stan Lee hosted by admitted Lee-worshipper Kevin Smith. One can only presume this was a terribly entertaining event, and you can read some great coverage of it here.
  • Guess who has another video blog? That's right, the Ghost Ridermovie. If you care to know, you can hear how the casting of Eva Mendes came about.
  • A production photo of James Franco looking pensive in the role of Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3. Yeah, the site is not in English, but you don't need to read to look at pictures, now do you?
  • I've been a bad geek writer -- I haven't mentioned Batman-on-Film, a personal favorite site, recently. To make up for that, go check out BOF for their new scoop on set activity for The Dark Knight.
  • For the first time in a long time: new pictures from 300! Not a single piece of material released so far suggests this film will be anything but gorgeous.
  • IESB says the current working title of the Supermansequel is simply Superman: Man of Steel. Working titles rarely last, so I wouldn't get too attached to it if I were you, but I'd be quite satisfied if this turned out to be the final title.
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