Happy weekend friends. Hope you're all in good spirits after an emotionally draining week: All I'm saying is that if the Democrats can't devise a new strategy for Britney's love life, we're all pretty much screwed for the foreseeable future. Especially the Shiites. Meanwhile, Reese has officially showed Ryan the door, despite the fact that he's a decorated veteran of a war movie. Word is Ryan will soon concede that Reese's $100 million-advantage in the bank account was indeed too much to overcome. But I digress.

Thanks to a great exclusive photo -- and even better trailer premiere -- for 'Evan Almighty,' we were bombarded with Insert Caption entries last week. That makes our winner this week extra-notable. greenmanilishi, you are hereby more clever, more talented, and prettier/handsomer than at least 274 other people on this blog. And for that, we commend you. See greenmanilishi's answer here:

Evan Almighty movie

"Meet my wireless network."
-- greenmanilishi

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Now for this week's challenge: In his first serious role since 'A Night at the Roxbury,'Will Ferrell plays a taxman who starts hearing a voice. Turns out she's an author, he's her main character, and she plans to kill him off. Not even because he's a taxman, either. Check out this pic from 'Stranger Than Fiction' and file your caption by the 15th or else...

Stranger Than Fiction movie

"Scream if you're going commando today!!!" --MoviefoneKevin

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