Most die hard fans of the Godfather trilogy don't consider it a trilogy per se, they like to think the third installment was more like bad salad dressing poured over a meal that was already tasty to begin with. Regardless, it is what it is and, for a long time now, folks wondered whether or not the popular Godfather saga would continue on screen. Well, thanks in part to a hit video game and Mark Winegardner's two books (The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge), Paramount wants to bring everyone's favorite dysfunctional family back to the big screen ... and fast.

You'll remember that Winegardner was chosen by the estate of the late Mario Puzo (original Godfather author) to continue the legacy, pen more books and hopefully tap into our obsession for everything Corleone. Paramount snatched up the rights to both of Winegardner's books awhile back, and now (according to Moviehole) inside studio sources say the first film could get underway within the next year. Oh, but here's the rub: The Godfather Returns takes place between The Godfather and The Godfather II. So, with the original cast way too old to reprise their roles, they will have to attach new faces to play familiar characters. As one studio spy put it, "I guess you'll notice it about as much as Brandon Routh stepping in for Christopher Reeve in Superman Returns ..." As the old clichè goes, "I have a bad feeling about this ..."

As for The Godfather's Revenge? Well, that one takes place after the first two films, but before the third, and revolves around a plot to assassinate U.S. President Jimmy Shea -- obviously inspired by those rumors floating around JFK's death. It will be interesting to see how they approach both films -- do they attach a hot young director and gear them toward a younger audience, one that might not be as familiar with the original flicks? And who will play Michael Corleone? Any suggestions?

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