Man, you know it's getting scary over there in Hollywood when a studio goes ahead and snatches up the film rights to a book that's not coming out until late 2009. In fact, said book hasn't even been written yet -- the freaking rights were auctioned based only on a proposal ... from a first-time scribe! (Next, you're probably waiting for me to tell you the author isn't human, but instead is some sort of wizard monkey -- however, while I would expect Hollywood to make a move like that in the very near future, it's unfortunately not time ... yet.)

The author in question is Joshua Foer, and the book/memoir is called Moonwalking With Einstein. If the name Foer sounds familiar, that's because Joshua's brother Jonathan hit it big with a novel called Everything Is Illuminated (the feature film version starring Elijah Wood was released last year). Paramount is the studio who picked up the rights, and will develop it along with Mike White through his Rip Cord Prods. as a potential directing vehicle for the writer-director (White is currently editing his directorial debut, Year of the Dog). Whether or not White will also take on adapting duties remains to be seen -- one would assume the book first has to be written.

Story is based on Foer's own experiences as a journalist who discovered the world of competitive memorizers. Intrigued, he learned various techniques and joined those with whom he was researching, ultimately winning U.S. and World Memory Championships. Sounds fascinating, though with my memory, there's a good chance I'll forget about this story ten minutes after I finish writing it. Wait, what were we talking about again?

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