David Schwimmer hasn't had an easy time after Friends. Since the popular series wrapped, he's had one completely-off-the-radar release, one new release, and the voice of a giraffe. There have been no well-publicized romantic exploits, or a television show. Maybe it's the curse of the Gellars, as Courtney Cox has also been out of the spotlight. Schwimmer's comedic goofiness seems to have carried him as far as it can, at least on-screen. Now, he will Schwim behind the camera with the new film, Run, Fat Boy, Run. It is a first for Material Entertainment -- the joined forces of Entertainment Film Distributors and New Line Cinema.

Our own Martha Fischer originally covered the film when Simon Pegg was in negotiations to play the "fat boy." An original screenplay by Michael Ian Black (Reno 911!), Run tells the tale of an overweight man who wants to win back the fiancé he left at the alter five years earlier by running in a marathon and somehow upstaging her dapper new fiancé. With casting complete, Pegg will be joined by Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria, and Dylan Moran. Is it safe to assume that Azaria will be the new man in her life? For a man who still has charisma as a tight pants Lancelot, the script must make him really undesirable.

The cast looks promising, although we all know that great casts don't necessarily make great movies. The title? Well, I think they could have come up with something a little more original, but we're talking about the guy who writes about over-the-top cops in Reno. Basically, it follows the usual supportive formula when you can't think of your own words of encouragement. My first memory of it is in Forrest Gump with the whole "Run, Forrest, run!" And, my favourite use would be the juvenile, yet funny, chiding "Fly, fat ass, fly!" from Mallrats.

Can you think of earlier uses of the "Action, Name, Action" formula? What are your favourites?

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