Ok yeah whatever: "The Simpsons isn't as great as it used to be." I hear it all the time and you know what? I still think a so-so Simpsons episode is smarter and funnier than 94.8% of whatever else passes for comedy on network television. (Especially now that Arrested Development is dead, dammit.) And you simply cannot argue with the series' staying power. A series doesn't run for 18 consecutive seasons if people don't keep watching it.

Anyway, enough of my pointless defense of one of television's all-time best comedies: The Simpsons Movie is coming! Finally! Now I know how Bart and Lisa felt when the Itchy & Scratchy Movie hit town! Currently scheduled for a July 27th release , The Simpsons Movie focuses on what happens after Homer contaminates all of Springfield with nuclear waste. Well, that's the plot synopsis that the IMDb is offering, and frankly I don't want to know too much about the story details. I'm patient.

Penned by an absolute all-star team of past and present Simpsons writers, directed by Springfield veteran David Silverman, and featuring the entire voice-cast intact, The Simpsons Movie is guaranteed to make big D'oh! at the box office. Mmmm, horrrrrrible punnnnnns.

Oh yeah, and if you tune into The Simpsons this Sunday night (11/12/06) you'll be treated to the very first promotional trailer for the flick. As if I needed an extra reason to do something different on Sunday night at 8:00pm. Eastern. I'll be back to share the online version once it's available. Because I freaking love The Simpsons. Yes, still.

UPDATE: I've been getting a few messages from people who tell me that, this just in, the new Simpsons Movie trailer seems to be "attached" to several prints of Borat. If you come across one of these trailers, please let us know in the comments section. It's of vital geek importance.

[Thanks to the excellent AnimationMagazine.net for the Homer pic!]
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