So here I was thinking we had all seen the last of the remakes. We've had curses, ghosts, bad plumbing, and soggy little girls climbing out of TV sets -- the whole kit and caboodle. It looks like I spoke too soon though, because Vertigo Entertainment (producers of The Grudge and The Ring remakes) are at it again.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Vertigo will produce an English language remake of the popular Filipino horror film Sigaw(The Echo). The story revolves around an ex-con who manages to awaken a curse when he interferes with an abusive cop and his family. The new script is being written by Eric Bernt and the original director, Yam Laranas, is on board to direct again.

Since English language remakes of Asian horror have worked at the box office before; I won't be surprised if Sigaw isn't the last of the horror imports. You have to wonder though how these movies will hold up as compared to the current crop of horror films -- curses and ghosts haven't exactly been a staple of the genre lately. Does anyone else think it's time to give these remakes a rest? Or, do they serve as a nice alternative for people who enjoy a good scare but not necessarily a high body count?

[via Dark Horizons]
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