Since it looks like we are going to have to wait awhile for the animation avalanche to end any time soon; it's as good a time as any to bring back the animated musical. Movies like Happy Feet might already be on the way to a revival, but the genre hasn't had much interest since the Disney renaissance of the '90's. Pixar might have won the war when it came narrative versus musical animation, but The Weinstein Company isn't willing to walk away from the fight just yet.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Weinstein Company has purchased North American rights for the French animated property Piccolo, Saxo, and Company. The story follows a group of instruments that decide to form their own symphony orchestra. The story seems a little abstract for a kids movie, but maybe French kids are into abstraction. An obscure album by "Space-age pop" musician André Popp titled Les Aventures de Piccolo Saxo served as the inspiration for the film. Popp was known for his experimental recording techniques, and had a few hit songs during the 1960's.

The film goes into its European release next month, and The Weinstein Company is already planning the English language version with new actors. It looks like the Weinstein's are keeping their options open though, as they have yet to commit to a theatrical release and no casting decisions have been made.