While it's pretty old news that Bryan Singer has signed on to produce Trick r''Treatfor Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. through his own Bad Hat Harry Productions, some new cast announcements in Variety have made the film a mini X-Men reunion.

Michael Dougherty, who was a writing partner on Superman Returnsand X2 wrote the script and will direct. The plot revolves around a small town one Halloween night, and will throw a bunch of interconnected stories at us, including one that involves a high-school principal-turned-serial killer. Singer must have liked what he saw in Dougherty's script because he not only signed on to produce, but plans on being present on set throughout production. The reunions don't stop there though -- Anna Paquin (Rogue) and Brian Cox (William Stryker) from the first two X-Men films have signed on to star. Leslie Bibb and Dylan Baker round out the rest of the cast thus far

This is Dougherty's first time directing a film, which might explain Singer's close involvement. Singer is also currently busy with the Superman sequel and the upcoming You Want Me To Kill Him? for 2007. Trick 'r Treathas already started filming in Vancouver but a release date has not been set -- gee, a horror movie about Halloween? I wonder what date they will choose to release it?

[via Movie Web]